Hi there! My name is Megan Beltramelli. Like most young children, I had a fascination with all things small and alive, including insects.

Megan Beltramelli
Bugs Ed. Presenter and Major Bug Geek

This love manifested itself into lots of visits to the zoo, a myriad of photographs of insects and animals, and asking to watch a heap of nature documentaries instead of movies. I never really saw this as anything remarkable, and definitely didn’t think it would become a career and passion when I was “grown up”.

During late high school I realised that I had a passion for what I learned was called “biology”, and I realised this was the path I wanted to travel. This lead me to university, where I fell in love with entomology as a discipline and felt as if I’d found something I truly loved and was good at. I volunteered for a short while at the Queensland Museum in collection management and this is where I became truly fascinated with the intricacy of the insect form. My favourite insects are dragonflies; I love the detail in their wings and the absolute precision of their flight. And as much as I hate to say it, I unfortunately do have a deep-seated hatred for cockroaches and grasshoppers… Surely I can’t be the only one, right?!

This lead me to complete by Bachelor of Science (Ecology and Zoology), and after realising that I perhaps had the urge to educate as well as learn the particulars of biology, I commenced my Graduate Diploma of Education at QUT. Which brings me to now! I am so excited to be sharing my love of insects with the next generation who seem to be just as fascinated by their intricacies as myself!