Other Great Insect Websites

Aussie Bee Website – a comprehensive website with lots of great photos and info on Australian Native bees. Discover which bees live in your area & you can even start your own native stingless bee hive! www.aussiebee.com.au

Australian Entomological Supplies – suppliers of everything you need to catch, collect, study & keep insects.

Australian Museum – The Bugwise page is a great resource for schools, allowing them to explore the world of invertebrates and engages students in real science in local environments.

Brisbane Insects and Spiders – an enthusiastic family of amateur bug lovers who photograph local insects and provide detailed observations on their identification and biology. A great website for identifying insects you may find in your home or garden.

Bugs for Bugs - a great website for learning more about biocontrol – using insects to control pests in our crops. It includes some amazing close up photos of pest insects & their enemies in action.

CSIRO Entomology – learn about the latest exciting insect research projects, download fact sheets and access the Australian Insect Common Names database (great for identifying insects).

DAFF Fire Ants – learn all about fire ants, why they are a pest and how we are trying to get rid of them from our environment. Great free school resources available.

Dr Popples’ cicadas - Learn more about the different types of cicadas in Australia and listen to recordings of their songs. dr-pop.net

Entomology Australia – hosts information on Entomology Curriculum Australia (ECA), a series of tertiary level subjects in entomology available via distance education to anyone anywhere in Australia, as well as featured research, news, and useful entomology education links for primary and secondary teacher.

Mount Glorious Biological Centre – breeders of Australian butterflies & stick insects; suppliers of entomological equipment & makers of beautiful insect display cases.

Queensland Museum – great fact sheets about insects, spiders and other animals.

Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network – learn about the plight of the vulnerable Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and take active steps to aid in its recovery and conservation.

Sugarbag – loads of information on Australia’s native stingless bees, how to keep them and the products they produce. You can even buy your own hive or purchase a copy of Tim Heard’s amazing new book on keeping Australian native stingless bees.

Tree of Life – learn all about how insects fit into the tree of life. Find out about their close relatives, explore the different groups of insects and learn all about the diversity of insects. Beautiful photos and hand-drawn images.