Community groups and events

Insect displays

Our amazing collections of preserved exotic minibeasts and live Australian insects make fun, unique displays for community gatherings and events, no matter how big or small. Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff is on hand to explain the displays, answer questions and give audiences a closer look at some beautiful and bizarre bugs.

Guided bug hunts & minibeast walks

Our expert team of entomologists can demonstrate some of the equipment we use to collect and monitor minibeasts, show you how to make and set your own traps and show you where and how to find creepy crawlies around your home and garden. Participants can test out the equipment themselves on a guided bug hunt and then learn how to identify the creatures we catch (before returning the safely back to where they came from).

Talks for grown ups

Exploring the world of insects and minibeasts is not just for kids! We offer a range of talks for older audiences, whether it is an entertaining presentation for nursing homes, clubs or social gatherings or a more in depth seminar for environmental groups, naturalists, gardening clubs or bushland restoration volunteers. Contact us to discuss your audience and requirements.

Professional Development

Looking to improve your arthropod identification skills? Want to be able to recognise common insect species in your area and learn more about their ecology, behaviour and the role they play in the environment? Are you hoping to make your own insect collection and would like a private tutorial on how to pin and mount insects? We can develop a workshop that suits your needs and deliver it online or in person.

Online Workshops

The way in which we learn has certainly changed in recent times and modern technology now gives us the opportunity to teach anyone, anywhere, anytime. We can deliver any of our workshops as LIVE virtual classes, complete with our usual displays of creepy crawlies, live local insects and plenty of time for questions.