Hello there. My name is Patrick and I have always had a strong fascination and love of animals. Especially the small “creepy crawlies” of the world.

Patrick Green
Bugs Ed. Presenter and Insect Aficionado

As a child, my favourite thing to do when outside was flipping random rocks and logs as I never knew what I would find. This passion led me on to do a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Marine Studies with Honours in Zoology at the University of Queensland. It was here my interest in insects blossomed as I began to learn more about their physiology, lifestyle and variation. From beginner courses to more advanced, I got to immerse myself in the diversified and unique world of entomology. Through this journey, I got to attend a few Entomology Society of Queensland field trips at Brookfield and Springbrook. Here I not only got to find amazing and unique insects, but I also got to meet many passionate professionals in the field and learn from them.

Overall, the most incredible thing about insects to me is 'adaptation'. The way that over time many insects have adapted to certain niches, environments and lifestyles. The two that have always stood out to me the most, and I would refer to them as my favourites, is the Caddisfly (who have an aquatic larval form) and the batflies (Nycteribiidae - wingless and eyeless insects that mostly live as external parasites on bats).

While my honours wasn't in entomology, I am still very proud of the research I conducted with identifying and investigating differences in sub-population skull variation in platypus along the east coast of Australia, Victoria and Tasmania (no platypus were harmed for this project).

Overall, I am thrilled and honoured to share my knowledge and passion with the next generation of budding scientists and to show them that all insects are fascinating and intricate, not 'gross or scary'!