Workshop Requirements

We don’t need much, but a few bits and pieces ensure the quality and smooth running of our workshops.

A laptop, data projector and screen/whiteboard are required for a PowerPoint Presentation.  Interactive whiteboards or Smartboards are excellent.  We will bring our presentations on a USB. NB The Build-a-Bug workshop does not require facilities to run a PowerPoint presentation.

We require a large space on the floor for students to sit.  At times we will form large circles to make certain activities easier.  Please make sure you arrange the room accordingly before our presenters arrive.

 • A small table or a couple of desks at the front of the room to put our equipment on.

If we are doing multiple sessions we require a single venue for the day as we have much equipment to set up.  Halls, activity rooms, after school care buildings or spare classrooms are a good option. If using a shared space such as the library, please take into consideration the effect noise from other classes may have on our presentation and vice versa. Please make sure library staff/other people who use the space are aware of our arrival and how long we will need the venue for.

A car park as close as possible to the venue as we have a lot of equipment to carry, including live insects which don’t fare too well in a hot car.  If this is not possible, then a few student helpers to ferry equipment are always appreciated.

 • We prefer to set up in a “student free” environment if possible.  There is a huge temptation for students to poke, prod & ask questions as we are unloading, which can make it difficult for us to get everything set up in time.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Gleeson at