Student testimonials
I often receive letters from students thanking me for my visit to their school.  Here are some of my favourites (please note – I had to change some of the original spelling – you’d be surprised how many kids refer to me as “The Bag Lady” rather than “The Bug Lady”).

“ I liked how the children’s stick insect was really ticklish when it crawled on your hand.  I like how the brown stick insect’s tail curls up.  And I liked how the leaf insect would stick onto Michelle’s hand when she put it upside down”.    Ruby, 5

“To the Bug Lady,
Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us about insects.  I like the insect eggs that you gave us.  My insect eggs hatched yesterday.”     Simon, 8

“The butterflies in the wooden box were beautifully coloured”.    Levana, 6

“That was the best presentation on bugs I have ever been to.”    Jacob, 7

“To Michelle the Bug Lady,
I learnt that bugs aren’t the same as people and they’re interesting creatures.  Thankyou very much from a bug-lover as well.”        Valerie, 9

“Dear Bug Lady,
Thank you for driving all that way just for us.  I learnt a lot about how many insects existed.  Thankyou very much for the eggs.”    Drew, 8

“I liked the tweezers and the magnifying glass and the little stick insect eggs in the sample bag.  I grabbed the stick insect eggs with the tweezers and put them in to a box to hatch with gum leaves”.    Jordann, 5

“Dear Michelle,
Thankyou for giving us a kit to look at insects.  The best bit was when we got to hold the stick insect.”    Lucy, 6

“I learnt a lot about the cockroach because I have never seen one so big
before.  I would never like one in my house!”    Molly, 9

“I liked looking at the minibeasts pictures that Michelle showed us.”     James, 5

“Thankyou for bringing the insects and I hope you had a good time.  I hope you take care of the insects and I hope you help them if they get hurt and I hope you like insects”    Jamie, 7