Secrets to Success


Insects are the most diverse and successful group of organisms on Earth. They have walked the planet for nearly 400 million years and during this time have colonised every possible habitat.

Learn the secrets to their success by looking at how their bodies are designed, what they eat, strategies for eluding predators and how they cope with life in harsh environments.

 This workshop is a great introduction to the world of insects for all ages. It combines the aspects of many of the other workshop topics into one action packed session. 

This workshop would be suitable for many of the biological science teaching units, especially the C2C units Our Living World for Preps; Living Adventure for Year 1; Is it Living?  for Year 3 and Survival in the Australian Environment for Year 5.  It also compliments the Staying Alive (Early Stage 1) and Schoolyard Safari (Year 1) programs in the Primary Connections Units