Insects in Bio Control

With increasing development of resistance and the potential risk to the environment, traditional methods of chemical-based pest control are under scrutiny.  Integrative Pest Management (IPM) is a rapidly growing discipline in agriculture which sees the culmination of natural and synthetic means of pest control.  Modern science is helping us to devise better ways to control pests and protect our crops from disease by using natural biological control agents.  This workshops looks at systems where natural predators, parasitoids and fungal diseases have been successful in controlling and managing pests in crops, plantations and urban situations.  We look at the criteria for choosing suitable bio-control agents and examples where ignoring these criteria have had catastrophic effects on our environment.

This is a very good insight into one of science’s “hot topics” at the moment.  As part of the workshop, your class will be given some live bio-control insects to examine and release into your school grounds.

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