Fact Sheets & Activities

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Australian Cockroaches
Giant Burrowing Cockroach
Stick Insects
Children's Stick Insect
Goliath Stick Insect
Spiny Leaf Insect
Titan Stick Insect
Make your own Bug Box
Make your own Fly Trap
Make your own Pooter
Insect Glossary
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Lifecycle Crossword
Lifecycle Crossword Answers
Minibeast Crossword
Minibeast Crossword Answers
Who Am I? Crossword
Who Am I? Crossword Answers
Jumbo Insect Find-a-word
Jumbo Insect Find-a-word Answers
Preying Mantis Colour-in
Rhinoceros Beetle Colour-in
Spiny Leaf Insect Colour-in

Wanderer Butterfly Colour-in
Hawk Moth Caterpillar Colour-in
Goliath Stick Insect Colour-in