“My sabbatical research visit to Australia in 2005-2006 was greatly amplified in success primarily due to Michelle Gleeson.  She was not only completely familiar with the Australian plants, insects, and wildlife, but knew the best times and places to be in the field to locate different species. Her physical endurance was matched only by her continuous and totally unbridled enthusiasm about our butterfly project, and nature in general. This combination of knowledge, hard work, and unlimited energy is packaged in a most pleasant personality. It is no wonder that her children's science education programs are so successful.

Michelle's commitment to our butterfly research was so intense that she continued to "work" even on her weekends and personal time at home. Day or night, rain (thunderstorms) or shine (sweltering heat/humidity), she was always willing and able to get the tasks done!  Her excellent suggestions throughout the project insured maximum efficiency as well as success.  In my 35 year career, I have never worked with a more dedicated and competent biology colleague. Excited by all aspects of biology, and with years of experience in the field, she is truly a natural "gem". Her value can not be overstated! She has become a colleague, co-author, and lifetime friend.”

Professor J. Mark Scriber
Office of Entomology, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Michigan State University

Michelle Gleeson & J. Mark Scriber out in the field.