Entomology Consulting

Entomologist, Michelle Gleeson (formerly Larsen) offers entomological consulting services, specialising in field and laboratory studies as well as curation of insect collections.
Michelle’s relevant experience and entomological consulting services are outlined below. 

Michelle Gleeson, Entomologist.
Over the years Michelle has worked for many different companies and institutions, based both within Australia and internationally.  These include The University of Queensland, Queensland Museum, The Mount Glorious Biological Centre, CRC for Tropical Plant Protection, Hort Research New Zealand, Michigan State University, IRD New Caledonia & Province SUD New Caledonia.

Work for these companies has resulted in the following publications (click here).  Referrals are available upon request, or see the following testimonial (click here).

Field Work
Michelle has carried out extensive field work in Australia (eg. South East Queensland, Far North Queensland and Southern Victoria) and is highly competent in the following areas:
•    canopy work
•    construction and deployment of pitfall, malaise, bait, intercept & pheromone
      delta traps
•    light trapping
•    aquatic insect collecting
•    subterranean collecting including caves & underground drainage systems
•    collecting & surveying in agricultural crops
•    general collecting & handling techniques
•    horticulture, collection & care of host plants
•    preparation & packaging of live specimens for local, interstate & international

Michelle collecting dragonflies at a volcanic lake in Upolu, Samoa.

Lab Work
•    breeding & culturing of a wide range of insects, including Lepidoptera,
     Phasmatodea & Hempitera
•    culturing of exotic material in Quarantine facilities
•    preparation of specimens for Gas Chromatography
•    Scanning Electron Microscopy
•    dissecting (including micro-dissecting of very small specimens)
•    recording & analysis of acoustic communication
•    construction of breeding cages, observation chambers & flight cages
•    recording & analysis of data using Microsoft Excel, Statistica and SAS

Michelle setting up canopy traps in South East Queensland.

•    pinning, mounting, labelling & preservation of specimens
•    databasing of specimens using Microsoft Access
•    identification of specimens using dichotomous & Lucid Keys
•    slide preparation & mounting
•    restoration & curation of collections
•    display cases & static insect displays
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