What is Bugs Ed?

Since 2003, Bugs Ed. has been providing a range of hands-on entomology based workshops for students of all ages, in order to encourage and expand their interest in insects.  

Our workshops have been carefully developed to compliment various teaching units under the Australian Curriculum in Science: Biological Sciences Strand and provide a fun, interactive experience for students. 

The beauty of Bugs Ed. is that we come to your school, allowing students to learn without distractions in their own classroom and also eliminating the expensive bus fares and mountains of paperwork associated with excursions. 
Bugs Ed. workshops are suitable for primary and secondary school students, child care centres ,vacation care groups, science clubs, nature groups and scout & girl guide gatherings.

Each workshop includes a PowerPoint presentation, amazing displays of mounted insects, spiders and scorpions from around the world, live Australian insects (some of which can be handled), activity bags, teacherís resources and more!

Our workshops have been received with much enthusiasm, and over the last seventeen years we have taught over 108,000 students across more than 440 different schools, covering a range of insect topics such as morphology, diversity, life cycles, ecology and threatened species.  

Bugs Ed. was established in 2003 in conjunction with the Mount Glorious Biological Centre (www.mountgloriousbutterflies.com).  Due to its enormous popularity, Bugs Ed. has now expanded and moved to its own premises at The Gap.