About Kathy Ebert- South East Queensland Presenter

 Hi, my name is Kathy Ebert. I really enjoy being one of the presenters for Bugs Ed. because insects are such fascinating creatures and its heaps of fun working with children!

As an undergraduate student, I studied biology at the University of California, then continued with postgraduate studies in zoology. I completed my Masters degree focussing on science education at Washington State University. I enjoyed several years working as a Ranger Naturalist leading nature programs with the National Parks in the deserts and mountains of the western U.S. 

During a two year stay in Australia, I was lucky enough to work for the Invertebrate Survey team at the Museum of Victoria where I gained a lot of hands-on experience collecting and identifying insects and spiders from around Victoria, and realised there was so, so much more to learn about insects!  I returned to the U.S. to work at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History where I taught science to school groups including hands-on insect discovery programs with giant hissing roaches! 

After spending several years raising four children, I am glad to be back in science education. In addition to working for Bugs Ed., I also tutor entomology at the University of Queensland.

I have been involved in science education for over 25 years sharing my love and enthusiasm for natural history yet I think my best bug experiences have come from teaching my own kids about the amazing creatures in their own backyard!